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5 Common Pinterest Marketing Myths Debunked

Looking for Pinterest tips and feeling scattered? You’re in the right place friend. Whether you’re an established brand or just starting out (I have experience as both), you might be believing these common myths. Let me help you sort them out. There is just so. much. information. out there. Here’s the good news: I have […]

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3 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Pinterest

How much time are you spending trying to promote your work and your business on Pinterest? Most bloggers and online businesses owners I speak to fall somewhere on the spectrum of “way too much time” and “not nearly enough time.”  And although these are wildly opposite answers, they both tell me the same thing–you aren’t sure […]

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3 Ways To Quickly Increase Pinterest Traffic

Looking for ways to get over the Pinterest traffic slump and increase traffic? I’m sharing three ways to increase Pinterest traffic in just a few minutes each day. We’ll cover how to: 1. Give old posts an extended life. 2. Pin your own content, aggressively and  more consistently. 3. Understand which content will be popular in the upcoming months, […]

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What to Expect From One-Tap Promoted Pins

*Update: Pinterest announced starting 5/30/17 they will begin enforcing these new ad standards to all promoted pins (not just one-tap). Read on and be prepared for success. If you’re advertising on Pinterest, you may have noticed a new option to enable One-Tap promoted pins. This is currently being rolled out to many advertisers on the […]

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