Tori Tait is the founder of Thoughtfully Simple where she creates unique content for the modern entertainer. Working with dozens of brands since 2008, Tori understands what makes content stand out on a crowded Pinterest board and what makes a campaign share-worthy. She also works as the Director of Content & Community for The Grommet where she’s been leading social media strategy since 2009.

Her journey in the digital space all began in 2006 when she launched her own ecommerce stationery business (pre-Etsy). She learned quickly that her strengths were in building an online brand, rallying an engaged community around a business, and navigating the exciting, yet ever-changing, social media space. She’s been helping other small businesses do the same ever since. Tori’s approach to marketing is to keep it simple and smart.

Past speaking engagements:
NEOMA Digital Conference | Boston, MA 2014
Bash Conference | Phoenix, AZ 2015
Bash Conference | Phoenix, AZ 2016
Social Media Marketing World | San Diego, CA 2016
ALT Summit | Palm Springs, 2017
Bloggy Bootcamp | Temecula, 2017

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